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  • 32oz switchback water bottle in blue, green, pink and purple at Cool Gear Water Bottles
  • 32oz switchback water bottle pull up sipper cap in pink at Cool Gear Water Bottles
  • 32oz switchback water bottle pull up sipper cap in pink at Cool Gear Water Bottles
  • 32oz switchback water bottle in pink at Cool Gear Water Bottles
  • 32oz switchback water bottle in pink at Cool Gear Water Bottles

32oz switchback water bottle

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Product Description

SQUEEZABLE Switchback Water Bottle for your workouts
The BPA free Switchback squeezable water bottle from Cool Gear holds up to 32oz of water!
The included EZ-Freeze® freezer stick keeps drinks colder, longer.
The pull-up sipper cap keeps the bottle spill proof and the easy squeeze action makes it perfect for a gym workout or a bicycle ride.
Keep hydrated all day long with the 32oz Switchback water bottle.
• BPA Free
• Squeezable material
• EZ-Freeze® patented freezer stick keeps drink colder, longer
• Non-toxic freezer gel inside freezer stick
• Twist & lock feature connects freezer stick to collar
• Top shelf dishwasher safe
• Pull-up sipper
• Dimensions: 3.15" W x 10.24" H x 3.15" D

Warranty Information

We pride ourselves on the design and quality of our products and stand behind them 100%. Cool Gear will replace products that are defective due to a factory error. Consumers must provide valid proof of purchase and be able to send back the product for our Quality Control team to evaluate. Any product that is damaged due to improper use, customer error or normal wear and tear will not be replaced. If your Cool Gear product meets these requirements, please contact Customer Service and we will be happy to start the replacement process with you. We reserve the right to send a comparable product, style or design if the one that you have is out of stock or discontinued.

Product Reviews

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  1. Best Water Bottle On the Face of the Planet

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2017

    I first found this water bottle at my local dollar store and immediately fell in love with it. The plastic is the perfect consistency; soft enough for a good squeeze yet hard enough for a firm grip. The water hole in the cap is just the right size to get that perfect amount of water. I accidentally left my bottle on top of my car and lost it on the highway. I was devastated. I went back to the dollar store to get another but they didn't have any! I was so happy to find this website. This is the only water bottle I will ever buy again, no matter how many I end up losing to the highway.

  2. So happy I found this again

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2016

    With its classic design and cool core feature this bottle is not too small or too big. Plus the material it is made of is rubbery and strong enough that you can squeeze it till both sides touch with out any cracking stress marks or annoying sound of plastic being mangled. I bought one of these years ago in a store and used it often until the night I took it out of the freezer, accidentally dropped the top witch broke in half upon impact. I am so happy I found this again after all these years. In my opinion this is a perfect water bottle and strongly recommend this product.

  3. Best Water Bottles

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2016

    I purchased one of these a few years ago back when I worked at OSJL (Ocean State Job Lot; a discount store). I didn't really use it until I started my job at Wal-Mart seeing as the only beverage we were allowed to drink at the registers was water. The bottle I had at the time got A LOT of use. I loved that bottle. It was my attachment and I drank at least two or three refills a day. I honestly don't know what I did with it, but I haven't had it for a few years.

    A few months ago, I remembered the company that was on the display boxes from when I bought my last one. I finally got to order a purple (same color as my last one) and a blue one (for Hubby) last week and they came in the mail today!

    As soon as I opened the box and saw the bottles, I knew they were different from the one I had before. Yes, they were 32oz with a sipper. But these bottles are taller and skinnier. The bottle redesign may have been the reason for why they were at OSJL to begin with. I don't know. The thing I don't like is that the opening of the bottle is smaller as well. I used to almost be able to fit my hand into the bottle in order to clean it. Not anymore. Also, the wider opening made it easier to add ice if I wanted it.

    I don't remember if my first bottle came with the freezer gel stick or not, but I personally don't use them anyway. It's a bit heavy (compared to just the bottle) and takes up room. Plus, the bottle itself keeps water cold for a while anyway. Majority of the time, I don't wait long enough to let the water get lukewarm anyway. It doesn't stand a chance.

    Bottom line? These are great water bottles and they're very affordable. My husband and I are going to be ordering some more so we can easily rotate our bottles. Finish one, refill it, grab the cold one from the fridge and replace it with the one you just filled up again. I did this today before Hubby got home with his bottle and it was very convenient.

    Thank you, CoolGear!!!

  4. Freezer safe

    Posted by on 22nd Nov 2015

    This is the only bottle I have been able to find that I can actually put in my freezer. I don't use the stick inside, it takes up too much room. I simply put water in the bottle, freeze it and it lasts for hours. (I live in Las Vegas where cold water gets warm really fast in the summer.) I bought four of these and keep them in my freezer. I have ice water 24/7 thanks to Coor Gear. I wish they made them bigger. I like that they don't have handles also. They go great with my water bottle carrying case that is insulated. Thank you Cool Gear. Please consider making a 2L bottle like this.

  5. Great for water containers

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2015

    I use these everyday. They are great for water, and if you drink 2 a day it is 64 ounces. Since I diet and have to track my water, using these acre very helpful. I like that they are easy to squeeze and drink from. The variety of colors are nice too.

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