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I’ve been using the 24oz Rigid Water Bottle for a little over a month now and I love it! Truthfully, I have not used another water bottle since - from school lectures, to hikes, to practice it goes with me everywhere. I love the fact that it has a freezer non-toxic gel stick and how the bottle itself is incredibly durable. It has held up in the gym very well shatter resistant in fact and it has definitely held up to that title! Another plus- it’s BPA free!!! - Rebecca R.

I bought the EZ-Heat Stay Fit Soup Meal Container for my 9-year-old son to use for his school lunches.  It is a great product for him, and it gives me peace of mind that he is getting something good to eat during his school day. - Roslyn T.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I LOVE your water bottles. My husband and I have recently decided to try to make our lives healthier, and the first step for me was putting down the soda and picking up water. It was really hard for me to do with a regular water bottle. Last Sunday at Wal-Mart I noticed your water bottle (24 oz Pure) and decided to give it a try! I must say I LOVE IT and I have been telling all my friends and my family about it! I love that the water is filtered and due to the freezer portion it comes out cold! I have NEVER been a water drinker, but now I can say I am one. I increased my water intake from about 1-2 bottles, to 5-6 refills on your water bottle! - Jeanne

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the innovative Go Gear travel tubes that I have purchased recently.  I especially like that the silicone container makes it easy to squeeze out even thick lotion.  The different colors make it fast to identify the contents and the write-on labels make it very clear.  Thanks for a product that exemplifies ingenuity! - Valerie S.

For my 25th Birthday last year in March, I received a 32-oz purple stainless steel water bottle, and I ABSOLUTELY love it.  I love the fact that I don't have to screw the cap on and off every time I want a drink; I can just flip the top off and sip it. - Chirstine M.

I purchased a Cool Gear bottle from Kohl’s recently. My son, who is 12, said it was "cool" and wanted to carry water at school and not use plastic bottles. He is a boy scout and wants to do more for the environment.  It has been used daily and has gone on camping trips, but we hand-wash it and dry it. - Jenifer M.

I would like to say the PURE built in water filtration bottle is the most amazing invention ever. I was skeptical and also needed filtered water for the gym, bottled water gets expensive and I am a germaphobe. Plus I don't like what bottled water does to the environment. You have my vote on this product and you can be sure everyone I know gets one. Thank you so much, (the happy customer:) - Melisande B.

Hey... I just wanted to let you guys know how much I LOVE your products. I have been raving about them in the office, and slowly more and more people are buying them. Not only are they great for the office, but I take the cups to the beach and ice stays cold for so much longer... Thank You!!!! - Becky N.