Freezer Stick For 18-24 Oz Water Bottles

Item: 25000060

  • EZ-Freeze® freezer sticks are the perfect companion to our 18-24oz EZ-Freeze water bottles. Freeze stick until frozen and insert into the bottom of the cap for a colder drink, all day!

    • BPA Free.
    • 2 Pack.
    • Fits 18-24oz Cool Gear EZ-Freeze water bottles.
    • Non toxic freezer gel keeps drinks colder.
  • Weight:
    0.38 lbs
    0.18 kgs

    Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
    2.37" x 1.19" x 7.09"
    6 cm x 3 cm x 18 cm

  • We pride ourselves on the design and quality of our products and stand behind them 100%. Cool Gear will replace products that are defective due to a factory error. Consumers must provide valid proof of purchase and be able to send back the product for our Quality Control team to evaluate. Any product that is damaged due to improper use, customer error or normal wear and tear will not be replaced. If your Cool Gear product meets these requirements, please contact Customer Service and we will be happy to start the replacement process with you. We reserve the right to send a comparable product, style or design if the one that you have is out of stock or discontinued.

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