21 Oz Easter Snowglobe Chiller

Item: 25000412

  • Shake up some springtime vibes! The 21oz Snowglobe Chiller features fun seasonal graphics, including Easter egg, chick, flower, and owl designs plus a removable glitter-filled snowglobe base. Available in a range of vibrant colors, each tumbler comes with a matching reusable straw.

    • Real removable snowglobe in tumbler's base.
    • Assorted Easter designs.
    • Remove snowglobe unit before washing.
    • Reusable straw included.
    • Hand wash snowglobe only.
    • Do not freeze snowglobe.
  • Volume:
    21 ounces
    0.63 liters

    0.56 lbs
    0.26 kgs

    Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
    4.14" x 4.14" x 8.86"
    10.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 22.5 cm

    • Remove bottom UPC sticker to reveal battery door
    • Wash thoroughly before using
    • Top shelf dishwasher safe (tumbler/lid only)
    • Twist to remove Light Up assembly
    • Remove Ligh Up unit before washing and wipe clean with damp cloth
    • Do not submerge in water
    • Do not mix old and new batteries
    • Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zin), or rechargeable (ni-cad, ni-mg, etc.) batteries
    • Contains 3 LR44 button cell
    • Each LR44 batter is 1.5 volts
    • Replacing Batteries: Remove screw from battery comparement; Place new batteries according to polarity shown next to battery cover; Replace all batteries of a set at the same time; Replace battery cover and tighten screws. Dispose of old batteries safely

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