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80 oz COOL GEAR Big Freeze with Patented Freezer Stick and Handle

80 oz COOL GEAR Big Freeze with Patented Freezer Stick and Handle

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About this item
Cool Gear is a brand that combines practicality, functionality, and trends together to bring you the most usable products. Bringing you the Big Freeze 80 oz bottle, dive into the world of hydration and come out with an experience worth a lifetime.

Commercial Grade Manufacturing:
Capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear, these commercial grade freezer stick and handle bottles are a perfect buy for hydration enthusiasts. Ideal for gifting and perfect for personal use, these bottles feature a make so premium that stuns everyone. Available in a gorgeous blue, they make a highly trendy and practical water bottle.

Maximized Convenience:
These convenient, durable, and ultra eco-friendly Big Freeze bottles are made with PET plastic, reusable, and very long-lasting. They offer a freezer stick and handle to increase practicality and on the go ease. The freezer stick allows temperature maintenance while the grip handle guarantees a better hold on your water bottle. You can now go an entire day without frequent refills with this water bottle. Its superior design and mouthpieces minimizes spills and let you enjoy all-day hydration. Added portability benefits make this cool gear bottle a perfect gym, office, and travel buddy. Moreover, they are easy to clean and store when needed. No need for stopovers, refills, or unnecessary purchases, these convenient and portable bottles make perfect on the go water bottles

Because we knew you'd ask...


Easy to Clean

24 Hours Cold

Design Patents

Best Packaging

Water revitalizes. Water nourishes. Water heals.

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