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Cool Gear 3-Pack BEAST 64 oz Jug with Handle | Large Capacity Water bottle for Athletes, Fitness, Gym, & Outdoor Sports | Wide mouth, Leak proof - Variety Pack

Cool Gear 3-Pack BEAST 64 oz Jug with Handle | Large Capacity Water bottle for Athletes, Fitness, Gym, & Outdoor Sports | Wide mouth, Leak proof - Variety Pack

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  1. Hydrate Like a BEAST: The Cool Gear 3-Pack BEAST 64 oz Jug with Handle is your ultimate hydration companion. With its massive capacity, it's perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers who demand serious hydration.

  2. Built for Endurance: This jug is designed to endure your toughest workouts and outdoor excursions. Made to be shatterproof and leakproof, it can handle the demands of an active lifestyle, keeping your drinks secure.

  3. Wide Mouth Convenience: The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice, supplements, or simply sip your favorite beverage without spillage. Stay refreshed and energized during your workouts with ease.

  4. Take It Anywhere: The convenient handle and ergonomic design make this jug easy to carry to the gym, on hikes, or anywhere your active lifestyle takes you. Stay on top of your hydration game wherever you go.

  5. 3-Pack Value: With three jugs in a single package, you'll always have a spare or be able to share with workout buddies. Choose the Cool Gear BEAST for superior hydration and performance.

Introducing a convenient, durable, and eco-friendly jug with handle to quench your thirst like never before. Make this bottle your best friend and forget the hassles of refills. Get your Cool Gear BEAST Jug today and get ready to experience superior make, trendy design, easy use, and a wholesome experience.
Quality Companion:
Cool Gear brings this selection, capable of holding up to 64 oz, to maximize your satisfaction with the ideal capacity that helps you go an entire day without frequent refills. Its superior reusable design makes them all the more favorite this year. These jugs are manufactured using industrial-grade PET plastic, with commercial technology to ensure an eco-friendly make, these bottles are great for daily use. A convenient mouth piece and a handle to support the portability and make cool gear BEAST jug a perfect gym bottle. It is easy to clean and store when needed.
On The Go Use:
No need for stopovers, refills, or unnecessary purchases, these convenient and portable bottles make perfect on the go water bottles. With a mouthpiece that eases the drinking experience and a handle to grip on the go, you can bid farewell to spills and make way for great all-day endeavors. These are perfect companions in scorching heat and longer days as they feature a durable make and long-wearing nature. They can be kept in the freezer too. What more could you ask for?
This freezer-friendly jug comes in a trendy colors to distinguish your bottle from others in the gym. It also features measurements along the side to track your hydration. It can be used in homes to meet your hydration goals, taken to the gym, on a run, and even when you are traveling long distances. Not to mention, they can also make perfect gifts for fitness and hydration enthusiasts.

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Easy to Clean

24 Hours Cold

Design Patents

Best Packaging

Water revitalizes. Water nourishes. Water heals.

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