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Cool Gear 2-Pack American Designed, Stainless Steel Copper Lined Mug with Handle, BPA Free Lid, 16 oz

Cool Gear 2-Pack American Designed, Stainless Steel Copper Lined Mug with Handle, BPA Free Lid, 16 oz

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Product Description:

  • Material:Stainless Steel & Copper
  • Brand: Cool Gear
  • Color: White, Chrome, Royal Blue, Ebony, Powder Blue, Lavender
  • Capacity: 16 oz


Our stainless steel copper lined mugs are a brilliant new take on personal times, lazy days and on-the-go shenanigans.


A Marvel in Its Own Way:

Each mug is carefully crafted for a lifetime of satisfaction and superior drinking experience. Their 16-ounce size is ideal for hot morning beverages or cold drinkables with an addition of a few ice cubes. They combine excellent artisanship with high-quality raw material to bring a modern, minimalistic yet luxe and practical addition to your kitchen. Our mugs are a popular choice as they are handcrafted from solid copper, coated with premium powder and made of sturdy steel, guaranteeing a long lasting, durable and fine usage.

The Goodness of Copper:

Cool Gear believes in health as much as aesthetics and utility. Our copper mugs bring out the perfect balanced flavor of beverages because they feature an anti-rust and anti-tarnish finish, keeping your drinkables just like you like them, of course, without impurities. The double wall vacuum allows temperature maintenance and copper aids that brilliantly. Despite having a luxe finish, there is absolutely no hassle when washing these mugs. They can be washed in the dishwasher or hand washed without feature breakage.

Timeless Gifts:

Whether kept as memorable keepsakes, or for beverage indulgence on a rainy, lazy day, our mugs are a perfect choice. They can also make exquisite gifts for occasions like birthdays and Christmas or can be a good token of love at a housewarming party. Either way, our selection of mugs are affordable and go a long way.


Because we knew you'd ask...


Easy to Clean

24 Hours Cold

Design Patents

Best Packaging

Water revitalizes. Water nourishes. Water heals.

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